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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Poly chapter.

With mandated shelter at home orders in effect all over California due to COVID-19, everyone is trying to find ways to occupy themselves. So, we at Her Campus Cal Poly came up with 9 activities you can do while staying at home,


Before the executive order, you may have been going about your day as normal, but now that we need to stay at home, you should take a second and clean your house. Viruses can live on surfaces for about an hour and particles can be in the air for about 3 hours, so taking a couple of hours and cleaning your place is going to set you up on the best foot going forward.

Take a Nap

After all that cleaning, you’re probably going to be tired, so taking a nap will give you a quick refresh, so you can do other fun activities during the day.

Watch Netflix

If you don’t want to watch Netflix on your own, install the Netflix Party feature so you and your friends can watch some shows and movies together.

Go Outside

You can still go outside in your backyard and get some fresh air and maybe read a book outside. It can be hard to be inside all day and it’s a good idea to take advantage of fresh air to boost morale a bit.


Is there a workout you always wanted to try? A two week ab challenge? Even though the gym may be closed, there’s no excuse not to do it now. With most businesses closed and people staying home, there’s plenty of time to workout and get fit right at home. In fact, some trainers are offering free workouts to encourage people to workout from home.

Facetime Your Friends

Connecting with your friends is really important especially since you may not be able to see them for a while. Facetiming and texting are great ways to stay up to date and still talk to your friends while staying at home.


If you’re always rushing to cook food, now is the chance to take your time and try out some new recipes. Also, while we’re at home, now is the time to get creative and use the ingredients you have at home to make some good food.

Play Board Games

It’s a great way to bond with roommates and your family while having some friendly competition.

Do Some Crafts or Redecorate

Need some new decorations to brighten up your home? Well, you can make some from items around your house. Need some inspiration? Here’s some items you can make right at home to spice up your decor.

Even though we might have to stay at home for a while, there’s plenty of activities to do, you just need to be creative and keep an open mind.

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