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8 Signs You’re Single AF

Have you been single for a while? Do you feel like you do things different from all your loved-up besties? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’ve compiled a list of signs you’re single AF so we can all bond over our lack of a love life together:

1. You’ve mastered cooking for one

Getting the portions right may have taken a few tries, but you truly know exactly how much pasta to make for dinner. This doesn’t mean you don’t make a box of mac n cheese and eat the whole thing yourself, though.

2. Family get-togethers consist of all your relatives pestering you about your love life

“Honey, do you have a boyfriend yet? Girlfriend?” “You know, I know this great guy I think you’d love. I could set something up for you?”

3. You’re not used to sharing your bed

If your friend comes to visit and you both try and squeeze onto your twin it’s way too claustrophobic. You need your space. And all of the covers to yourself.

4. You live for Rom-Coms

You’ve probably seen every single one Netflix has to offer. If you’re not getting any loving, then you can at least live vicariously through Hugh Grant’s love interest.

5. You probably haven’t shaved your legs in like, at least three weeks

To all of you in loving relationships, don’t blame us single ladies for this amazing luxury.

6. You’ve downloaded all the dating apps, even if you don’t use them often

It’s just comforting to swipe through and see the possibilities, you know?

7. You’re all about that self-love

Who needs a bae when you’ve got yourself?

8. You’re the go-to friend to cheer up a friend having relationship problems

You know all the best anti-love songs, where to buy the cheapest wine, and how to have a great time without a man!

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