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When we’re studying, we often reach for sugar-laden, processed foods for a dopamine rush that will eventually lead to an energy crash. Instead, try these nutritionally optimal snacks that will boost your brainpower and concentration!

1. Bananas have a number of benefits including brain power, proper energy, potassium, iron and many others. Try cut-up bananas topped with peanut butter and drizzled with honey.

2. String cheese is an easy, yummy snack and has a lot vitamins and protein. Store a bunch of pre-packaged portion-sized string cheese sticks in your fridge and grab them on the go!

3. Walnuts help promote blood flow, which will help deliver oxygen to the brain.

4. Oranges are healthy, sweet and provide vitamin C. They’re also packed with fiber, which will help you stay fuller for longer.

5. Tea is good for your health and the gentle dose of caffeine can help you stay energized and alert while studying. Try black tea for a little extra caffeine and proven stress-reduction benefits, and green tea for antioxidant benefits and a little less caffeine.

6. Sunflower seeds contain an amino acid called tryptophan that can reduce stress.

7. Celery is high in nutrients and very low in calories. Celery gives you phytochemicals called phthalides that can also reduce stress. Try eating hummus with celery for a healthy and delicious snack duo.

8. Berries, especially blueberries and raspberries, are perfect for studying and great for your brain.

Studying is a lot more fun when you have snacks! Try out these extraordinary snacks if you’re studying (or not studying) any time of the day.

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