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7 Thoughts You’ve Had During Midterm Season, as Told by ‘The Office’

Let’s be real. Whether you’re a senior who has had their fair share of exams or a freshman that’s new to the world of cramming and procrastination, we can all probably agree that midterms are basically the fun-suckers of college. Let’s not forget about those days when you wished the stars aligned in your favor, but instead all of your essays, projects and exams did. Ugh.

But in the midst of deadlines, we persevere. We continue to work hard to earn degrees, just like the salesman of The Office earn their living by selling rims of paper. So what better way to relate our existential crises and all-nighters with the employees of Dunder Mifflin, Inc.?

1. When the professor asks if there are any questions before moving on

You know those lectures where you zone out for two minutes but snap back to reality only to realize the professor zoomed through an entire presentation? Yeah… I have a couple questions.

2. When you realize your English essay, lab practical and psychology midterm all fall on the same day

Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by the university system.

3. When someone in your group project steps up to be the hero you needed

To all of you who create project surveys and submit the final product so your miserable peers don’t have to — you are our knights in shining armour.

4. When one day you’re learning about the syllabus and the next day you’re applying the Schrödinger Equation to calculate a wave

Did Einstein ever have to pull an all-nighter due to poor time management and bad habits? No? Just me? Okay.

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5. When you sit at the same desk in the library for six straight hours studying the same flashcards

What day is it again? What time is it? I need more coffee.

6. When you look at the first question of the midterm and realize how screwed you are

Deep breaths now everyone. Inhale. Exhale.

7. When you’re not sure how well you did on the exam but still walk out feeling like a boss

*Cue ‘Living on a Prayer’* Ohhhhhhhh, we’re halfway there! Whooooaaaaa, livin’ on a prayer!

Midterm season. Gross. At least it’s over. But wait…what’s that approaching around the corner?

Crap. It’s finals week.

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