8 Signs it's Finals Weeks at Cal Poly

Towards the end of every quarter, the most dreadful time of the year can be found looming over us all: finals week. At this point, your body is probably made up of more coffee than water, sleep is nonexistent and morale is low. Here are some more signs that it truly (and unfortunately) is finals week at Cal Poly!

1. The never ending struggle of finding a seat ANYWHERE.

Not only are all five floors of the library full, but the UU and Baker are too. The struggle is real.

2. Giving into any and every temptation.

Grande? Nah, let’s go with Venti. With whipped cream.


Mental breakdown over seeing cute puppies commencing now.

4. Finding productive ways to procrastinate.

Of course this needs to be done before I start studying.

5. Organizations on campus giving out free stuff!

What a homie!

6. Being on campus feels like being a part of a zombie apocalypse.

Lack of life... everywhere. So much for being the Happiest City in America.

7. Pretending you are okay when actually your life is a mess.

I just really need a hug right now.

8. Feeling this way about school:

So done with you!

Good luck this week, collegiettes! Keep studying and don’t give up!