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7 Reasons We Love Cal Poly’s College of Liberal Arts

Let’s face it, Cal Poly isn’t known for their Liberal Arts college. Like most colleges, Liberal Arts sits in the shadow of the STEM majors. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great college to be a part of. With such stark differences between STEM and Liberal Arts majors, here are 7 reasons why we’re happy we chose to study Liberal Arts at Cal Poly.

1. The class sizes are smaller.

While this may mean we sweat a little during registration, smaller class sizes allow for a more personal learning experience. You can actually have a discussion with the professor and each other!

2. You have a lot of freedom.

With extra free electives, you have time to take a minor, study abroad, and take some of the more fun classes Cal Poly has to offer. 

3. None of your major classes are on Fridays.

While all your science and engineering friends are stuck in labs all day on Friday, if you’ve finished your GE’s, your weekend starts Thursday. Three day weekends every weekend? Yes, please.

4. You’ll make a bunch of friends within your major.

With smaller majors, you’ll always know someone in your class. Group projects, study sessions and essay edits will be so much better when you have actual friends in your classes.

5. Your professors are great at communicating.

In the Liberal Arts, professors know how to effectively communicate what they want from you. No abstract assignment instructions here! Plus, office hours are a lot less intimidating when you feel like you know your professor on a personal level.

6. There are so many clubs to join!

From major-specific ones to community and interest-based ones (i.e. Her Campus ;)), there are so many options for you to explore.

7. Classes are engaging. 

There’s nothing worse than sitting through two hours of your professor talking at you. With Liberal Arts classes, students are encouraged to discuss class topics and are always engaged in every class period. 

What else does a college need? We love the College of Liberal Arts and are so proud to be Mustangs!

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