6 Signs You're Working Your First Office Job

After months of searching Mustang Jobs for internships and completing nerve-wracking interview after interview, you’ve finally landed your first job in an office. You’ve signed your contract which states you’ll be working for so and so forty hours a week for three months and you’re absolutely pumped to get started. But once you’re there, you become nervous about making a good impression and becoming friends with your coworkers, which leads us to six signs this is your first office job.

1. You tuck your hair behind your ears when you wear earbuds

Listening to music while you work is a fun way to drown out office noise. But you also run the risk of ignoring someone because you can’t hear them with your earbuds in, which would be AWFUL.

2. Or you leave one out at all times

Because why take a chance? If only one earbud is in your ear, the other one is completely free to pay attention to co-workers or your boss. It’s also free to pick up on anyone trying to gossip.

3. You haven’t worn the same outfit twice yet

If this is your first office job, you’ve probably done some wallet damage preparing for office fashion. To be honest, office clothes shopping might be the best kind of shopping. In any case, you have a whole new wardrobe waiting to be busted out, meaning you’re probably wearing something new every day, as you haven’t gotten to the point of recycling outfits yet.

4. You internally suffocate on your cough because you’ve already coughed once

It’s high school all over again. You’ve coughed once already so now you have to suffocate and tear up until it goes away or you can chug some water. You refuse to be known as the new kid who coughs too much.

5. You haven’t looked at your phone all day and you didn’t even notice

For us millennials, smartphones are an essential and intrinsic part of our lives. We’re not addicted to them like our folks say we are, they’re just part of our culture. So when we haven’t looked at our phones for an entire day, it’s safe to say we’re doing something very, very, important. Like attending to our new office job!

6. You’re using new words and you’re not sure if you’re using them right

Offices have their own vocabulary and tons of acronyms. You’re trying to pick up on them fast but before you truly know if you’re using them right, it’s going to be a little weird.

Whatever happens, do your best and don't sweat the small stuff. It's only the first one!