5 Thoughts Freshman Have After Their First Week

Your first full week of college is a big adjustment. You're figuring out the best (and worst) food to eat on campus, trying to figure out friends to hang out with and how to balance school work and fun. 

If you're a freshman (or even a returning student), you may have had one (or all) of these thoughts after your first week of classes.


1. OMG I have 12 assignments due next week, but I want to go to the beach. It can be easy to get overwhelmed, but take a couple minutes, sit down and plan out time to complete each assignment. Once you know you can finish each assignment on time, you will feel a lot better! Also, when planning out your assignment schedule, add in time away from work and do fun activities, including going to the beach.

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2. I'm not sure I'm in the right major and I don't like any of my classes.

Don't panic, take a deep breath, it's only the first week. If you feel like your major isn't the right for you, talk to your current professors and take time to research other majors. Talk to your RA about resources and how to start the process of switching majors. Also, schedule a meeting with your college advisor and they can also help you get started on the path to the major that is perfect for you!

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3. Wow! My first week went great and I'm so excited for this quarter!

I love all my classes and even though I know some will be difficult, I'm excited for the challenge! Bring on the school year!

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4. My classes are going well, but I'm worried about making friends.

Moving away from home and starting your independent life is tough. The first step to making new friends is to connect with people around you: your roomates, hallmates, people in your WOW group and classmates. Starting study groups and joining clubs is a great way to meet and get to know people better.

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5. It was a loooooong week of classes, but now its time to take a break and relax!

You deserve a break, so take some time for yourself! Do a face mask, read a book and do whatever helps you relax. 

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Hopefully your first week of classes went well and if it was a little bit tougher, hopefully some of our advice helped! If you had one of these thoughts, or a different one, after your first week of college, let us know in the comments below!