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This past year, TikTok has flourished as a social media platform. The app has over one hundred million users in the U.S. alone. Whether you’re a user of TikTok or not, it’s impact on media and entertainment is hard to deny. TikTok creators have found their own niches on the platform, including fashion. The one minute long videos on the app are just enough to give fashion inspiration to millions of users. Whether it’s clothing hauls, outfits of the week, thrifting tips, or so many more, TikTok has become a personal stylist for many. Listed below are five fashion trends that TikTok has put on the radar this past year. 


Corsets are making a comeback, but not in the way they were once used for. They were once encouraged for the look of a narrow waist, and not for the benefit of women, however, the 2021 version of the corset is all about style, and many on TikTok have come up with creative, nontraditional ways to style them. Following in TikTok’s footsteps, many stores have hopped on the corset trend  too, turning a modern and chic twist on the piece. Urban Outfitters and Amazon are great places to shop this trend. 

Flared Yoga Pants 

This past year has been the year of bringing back the flare, and TikTok has made flared yoga pants the trendiest go to item to have in your closet. While the original go to look from TikTok was to pair the flared legging with a cute oversized crew neck, many fashion inspired content creators on the app have shown other ways to style this piece. From casual to going out looks, you can’t go wrong with this must have item. Shop the look here

Tinted Sunglasses 

This fashion trend is the hottest and newest go to accessory that can be easily added to any look. Orange has been very popular for tinted sunglasses and will give any outfit that extra piece of fun. Rectangular shape sunnies are also popular for this look, as TikTok brings back this 90’s trend. On TikTok you can find many fashion content creators showing hauls of tinted sunglasses from places where you can find them for a steal! Amazon is a great place to look.

Beaded Bags

This TikTok fashion trend is not only super chic and unique, but a great way to support small businesses as many of the bags promoted on the app are made by creators themselves. Trends like DIY beaded bags are great because each one is different and can be designed to your own personal style. Francesca Nong is a TikTok creator who makes the coolest beaded bags, along with user Ridsameila. Find creators like these and more on TikTok to support this new trend. 

Oversized Leather Jackets

This trend is a flashback to the 90’s, and fashion TikTok could not be happier about it. The popular go to look for this piece is straight legged pants and a crop top with cute platform shoes. You can find great inspiration for how to style this on TikTok with fashion creators showing off their favorite outfits with this piece. This is also a great trend to buy from second-hand, and Depop is a great place to look. 

I am currently an editor for CP HerCampus and I am super excited for this year! I am a third-year Psych major, minoring in Child Development and Law and Society. Even though I am working towards a career in psychology, I love writing and being creative which makes HerCampus such a great place for me!
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