13 Thoughts You May Have Waking Up Single on Valentine's Day

Whether you just got out of a relationship or you’re taking a break from dating, being single on Valentine's Day does not mean you’re un-dateable or forever alone. You don’t need to have a SO in your life to determine your success in relationships or otherwise. Sure, you may not feel the best about your dating life currently, but it’s only one day out of the year, and who knows what will happen in the coming weeks. Whether you planned to celebrate with your friends (read: personal wine bottles), or just plan on forgetting the (arguably) Hallmark holiday entirely, here are some thoughts you might have waking up single on Valentine's Day.

1. It’s Wednesday, so it’s almost the weekend, yay!

Since Valentines day is on a Wednesday, you might forget it even exists, or you may be more focused on that midterm you’re going to ace. 

2. Oh shoot it’s Valentine's Day, do I have plans?

Oh my Bey, is it Valentine's day again already? Well, the red heart balloons and pop-up chocolate aisle aren't there for no reason. Cue the frantic "got any plans for Valentine's day?" texts!

3. Wow, I don’t have any plans.

Another year single and look at that, no plans! Guess you'll text your friends and see if they want to personalize wine bottles and ice cream containers.

4. Another year, and I’m all alone.

Whatever you do, don't start to overanalyze your dating life. Ain't nobody got time for that slippery slope. Nu uh. 

5. Is there something wrong with me?

Maybe you could smile more, especially at the coffee guy. But if he's expecting a smile at 7AM, he's not the kinda man you need. 

6. Bitch, I’m Fabulous.

You know it's not you because you're pretty dang awesome. Anyone would be lucky to get all this. 

7. Thank god I’m not spending Valentine's day with my ex.

Yeah, they were pretty awful. Good call on that one. Avoid at all costs.

8. Valentine's day is basically a Hallmark Holliday anyway.

It’s basically a holiday for consumers. Not that we're complaining about those chocolate sales the day after, though. 

9. Now I just have more time to work on me.

Who says Valentine's day has to be for couples? You can definitely show yourself some love. Take this as an opportunity to use that new panda face mask. Just because you don’t have someone in your life does not mean your skin has to suffer.

10. Yeah, today will be great!

You can just have some you time and not have to worry about anyone else. Put on them shades and block out the haters. 

11. Candy.

Even though you don’t have a special someone, you can still treat yourself to some candy, especially all the discounted candy the day after Valentine's day. Can't be letting that candy go to waste now, can we?

12. I’m not in love, but I am loved.

Sometimes it really sucks that Valentine's day is known as a couples holiday. It would be much better if it was just a holiday to celebrate love in general. It would make people much happier!. Like, what about love for puppies? And tacos? And bath bombs??

13. Valentine's day is over, it was not even a big deal being single.

I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens next year.

Waking up on Valentine's day single can be a little sad at first, but it’s not the end of the world. Valentine's day is one day out of 365, so even if you find yourself single, there’s plenty of opportunities to find love, or to just celebrate the relationships you have with friends and family.