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10 Thoughts You Have Before Going to Kennedy Library

As you sit at home with the dear Robert E. Kennedy calling for you, the struggle is real and the internal protests begin:

1.   “Where did all this homework even come from?!”

Oh! You had midterms all last week and nearly died under a textbook avalanche? Well at least you’re done right? Think again. It’s Cal Poly, folks, and midterms are a never-ending, uphill climb. Even though you haven’t even remotely had the time to learn anything new, Professors still seem to find assignments from thin air to bestow upon us, which means some serious library time. It’s like magic…except not the good kind.


2. “This sounds like a terrible idea.”

You are comfortable in the safe fortress you call home. Going outside to the library could be dangerous. The real world is out there with all of its “assignments”, “future” or… you could be hit by a bus or something…

3. “There’s food here.”

Chances are, you’ve probably done a weekly Trader Joe’s run. There’s some pre-made sushi and chocolate covered pretzels in your food repertoire. Why would you even think of leaving?

4. “Do I even have enough money on my Starbucks card to sustain myself?”

You KNOW you’re going to need at least two trips to get an iced coffee throughout your library stay. Coffee is your oxygen and without it, there is no life—let  alone studying.

5. “Do I have to wear real clothing?”

You’re currently in a spirit jersey and extra-large sweatpants. Let’s not even think about trying to do the pant-dance and putting on skinny jeans. Yes, yoga pants are an option but at home pants, in general are optional.

6. “But this implies actually having to move…”

At this point, the couch has sucked you in to a point where you could hurt yourself struggling to get out. Full on sloth mode has commenced and even turning your head would require too much effort.

7. “Maybe just one more episode of Netflix…”

You’re about to do a bunch of studying. You TOTALLY deserve one little break of a single Netflix episode, right?

8. “Well crud, now I’m going to have to study even later.”

Yep. Who has ever successfully watched an episode on Netflix and didn’t spiral into a full on bingeing-session? “Netflix and chill” doesn’t last forty-five minutes, it’s a lifestyle. You thought you had a lot of homework to do before? Well, now you have even less time to do it.

9. “You know what? I’m going to be so productive!”

You’ve made it to the library, with the first iced coffee in hand, and you’ve found the single available table. Now, it’s time to get down to business. You’ve got this!

10. “Well…I’ve done absolutely nothing.”

Two hours later: you’ve somehow found yourself stalking your ex’s cousin’s girlfriend on Facebook and gotten absolutely zero homework done. Well done, Library…you win this time. 

Veronica Valley is currently a third year Industrial Engineering major at Cal Poly SLO. You can usually find her in the library burried under a pile of math books, calling out for help. She has a deep love for sushi and cannot, for the life of her, control herself from buying the terrible kind they sell at Trader Joe's. If you ever ask her if she's down for Trader Joe's or Target, the answer will always be yes, and she will ALWAYS end up going to both. On a more serious note, she is very involved on the Cal Poly campus in a wide variety of engineering related clubs and pushes herself to one day become the next Sheryl Sandberg (aka her role model). Her main concern is trying to promote more girls to get in STEM fields and will dedicate her college time to promoting just that. E-mail her at [email protected]
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