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Veronica Valley

Cal Poly

Veronica Valley is currently a third year Industrial Engineering major at Cal Poly SLO. You can usually find her in the library burried under a pile of math books, calling out for help. She has a deep love for sushi and cannot, for the life of her, control herself from buying the terrible kind they sell at Trader Joe's. If you ever ask her if she's down for Trader Joe's or Target, the answer will always be yes, and she will ALWAYS end up going to both. On a more serious note, she is very involved on the Cal Poly campus in a wide variety of engineering related clubs and pushes herself to one day become the next Sheryl Sandberg (aka her role model). Her main concern is trying to promote more girls to get in STEM fields and will dedicate her college time to promoting just that. E-mail her at [email protected]