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Your Party Personality Told in Stock Photos

What kind of party personality are you? Keep track of your scores and check your results at the bottom, and send this quiz to a friend!

  1. How many days did you go out this week?

    1. At least three! There’s so much to go to!

    2. I kicked back in the dorm – let’s just chill out.

    3. Friday night strictly, I swore off vodka this week.

    4. I went out Friday and Saturday! Thank God for the weekend.

  2. At a party you can be found:

    1. Dancing, dancing, and more dancing! Maybe I’ll jump off the roof into the pool if I’m in deep enough.

    2. Somewhere on the couch passing pizza around

    3. Trying to find my friends, and listening to Kelly cry over her ex. Someone has to watch over her…

    4. Meeting new people! Have you met my new best friend? We have so much in common!

  3. My playlist always has some:

    1. Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and some fast paced rap usually

    2. Indie or Alternative Artists

    3. Throwbacks

    4. A little bit of everything – it depends on the mood

  4. At the end of the night you are most likely:

    1. Still loud, lit, and mad at your friends for taking you home

    2. Getting some fast food drive-thru, Taco Bell sounded good this week

    3. Driving everyone home, safe and sound!

    4. It depends on what my friends are up to – I just go with the flow!

  5. When someone mentions going out again, you say:

    1. HELL YEAH!

    2. Where?

    3. Maybe next week.

    4. Who’s going to be there?

The Results:

If you answered mostly 1’s: You are the WILD ONE! You always make sure the party is poppin’, and your antics are always the center of attention. You always get into some situation your friends will talk about for a while, and possibly other people, too. Why are you online? The nightlife awaits you!

If you answered mostly 2’s: You are the CHILL ONE. As fun as it is to go out, sometimes you prefer to kick back at home and have a relaxed night. The week is busy enough, so you figure kicking your feet up isn’t half bad. You have great taste in snacks, also.

If you answered mostly 3’s: You are THE MOM. You’re always looking out for your friends, DD’ing, or just listening to what others want to talk about. You are a gem, and are probably super kind and friendly.

If you answered mostly 4’s: You are the SOCIAL BUTTERFLY. You’re out to have a good time, meet some friends, and you’re usually one to go with the flow. However, that doesn’t stop you from expanding your circle and always introducing your new friend to other people while you’re lit. Party on, sister!

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Erin Niemi

Cal Lutheran '20

Erin Niemi is a student at California Lutheran University and is pursuing her BA in Communication. When she isn't typing up a Her Campus article at a local coffee shop, you may find her at a concert, the beach or the movies! Erin is passionate about local news, beauty, science, sports, entertainment and music. She is also a huge Star Wars and MCU geek, and she will happily talk about either for hours if given the opportunity.
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