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Last year, after Netflix released the big news regarding an upcoming revival of Gilmore Girls, I wrote an article about unanswered questions. They were the general questions we all had – where is Rory in her career as a journalist? Did she choose between Logan, Dean, or Jess? Do Luke and Lorelai officially end up together? I must admit a lot of our questions have been answered, if not all in the way I desired or expected – especially those long-awaited last four words. 

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While traveling through a year in the life of the Gilmores, I laughed, cried, admired the sight of everyone being back together and reveled at Stars Hallow lit up beautiful as ever with the same old friendly faces. 

There are a lot of wonderful things in the show: Tony Award winners Sutton Foster and Christian Borle performing musical numbers, Hamilton references, Carole King singing one of her hit songs (love her!), the town troubadour serenading us once more, along with many other elements done perfectly right.

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After watching all of this, I must admit I finished by screaming a special three words I’m not sure Amy Sherman-Palladino planned on, which were a loud, “What. The. Hell.” A year ago, I wrote how I wanted to see Rory Gilmore as the new Christiane Amanpour, and I can assure you she ends up on a much different path.


In the end, maybe you will love A Year in the Life, or maybe, like me, you’ll simply prefer the old ending we carried in our heads for years. It was an ending that left things wide open, where fans could fill in their own fantasies about where the Gilmores wind up. People on teams Jess, Dean or Logan could imagine Rory ending up with whomever she wished. With the conclusion we were given, I feel her future was stolen. 

The writers created the ending with an idea of a repeating cycle, one I do not wish to spoil. Overall, this idea of basing characters’ futures on the pasts of others, in my opinion, destroys individuality. Lorelai and Rory are very close and in many ways similar, but are not the same people, and were following two very different treks of life. 


In the end, I say go back to Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Binge-watch the four epsiodes on Netflix. Enjoy Luke’s Diner, take a stop at the Dragonfly Inn and shamelessly delight in endless coffee and pop tarts. However, I cannot promise you everything will feel quite the same as before…except maybe Kirk, who hasn’t changed one bit. 

I am a Freshman at CLU studying Communications with an emphasis in Journalism. I write, edit, and work on the publicity team for Her Campus.
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