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Winter Break Reactions

Congratulations to all us students,we have made it to the highly anticipated winter break where we get 5 weeks away from school to go home and do whatever we want. Here are some gifs expressing how you may feel about winter break. 

The students that are beyond excited to leave campus…​

… then realizing you aren’t going to see your friends from school.

But you get to reunite with your squad from home!

Being able to fully get into the Christmas spirit.

Sleeping as much as you can, to make up for the sleep you lost this past semester.​

Getting to that point during the break where you get too much sleep and stay up late doing weird nonsense.​

New year, new me?

When it’s time to go back to school…​

…but for some people it’s more like this.​

Gifs via giphy.com

I am currently a Freshmen at Cal Lutheran and majoring in Global Studies. I have a love for fashion, travel, and having adventures with friends.
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