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Why You Should Consider Pursuing Your Undergrad Degree Abroad

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There’s a misconception that the whole point of university is to get a degree. While that is quite a crucial part, your entire college experience shouldn’t be restricted to just receiving an education. Going to university is a turning point for all students, so why would you want to embark on this new journey in your own hometown where you’re stuck in the same old routine?

There’s a multitude of reasons why you should consider pursuing your undergrad degree abroad. The first, and probably most obvious, would be that it’s the perfect opportunity to explore a different city or a foreign country.

Personally, my love for traveling and adventure is what led me to choose a university 8000 miles away from home. From spending time at the airport ready to board the plane, to discovering a new place, culture, and meeting new people, traveling can be intoxicating. But during high school with homework, exams, planning for university, and somehow making time for a social life, there’s not much time to think about travel let alone actually packing your bags and moving miles away. However, I soon realized that by studying abroad I could work towards getting my degree and unearth the unique charms of a foreign place side by side.  

Another reason to study away from home is it helps you gain a sense of independence. I realized pursuing a degree back home would be futile as I was living in a bubble of comfort. Although living away from home can be daunting and deprive you of the care of your family and the company of your friends, it will provide you with so many more opportunities to manage things by yourself and become more mature. If nothing else your parents will be proud of your independence and all your new achievements like being able to boil an egg without Googling how to do it.

The most incredible advantage of studying anywhere else but in your hometown, in my opinion at least, is that no one knows any of the embarrassing stuff you did in the past. You can start fresh and practically reinvent yourself into this amazing, well-rounded, intelligent, and interesting person. Studying in a new place can be refreshing as your usual course of life is sure to change. You can act according to your own will rather than people’s expectations, allowing you to focus on yourself. You will be able to broaden your horizons by learning new ideas and gaining new experiences in a completely new environment with new friend circles. 

Now as a sophomore at university, I know I made the best decision to move away from home to pursue my undergraduate degree. Although it can be quite a complicated and, quite honestly, expensive process, there are always numerous resources that help make it less costly and provide you with any other support you might need. Leaving your hometown to study is so worth it as you achieve not only your dream of living and immersing yourself in a new culture and society, but also getting a degree. You get to explore a whole new town or city or country and then brag about how wise and worldly you are to your family when you return home for the holidays. More than anything, life constantly needs change, and studying away from home might just happen to be the best one.

Malaika Nazim

Cal Lutheran '24

Hi, my name is Malaika. I'm a part of the Writing, Editing, and Social Media team here at Her Campus Cal Lutheran. I'm currently a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Business Administration and I love to read, write, binge watch a new movie or series, and listen to music in my free time. Some of my interests are women in STEM, Artificial Intelligence, traveling and I'm always open to new music or book recommendations.
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