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I am an absolute concert junkie, and I know a lot of my other friends are too! Going to concerts is such a care free experience and something everyone should experience regularly, or at least once. I have met so many people lately who haven’t been to concerts, and it’s absolutely mind-blowing to me. Anyway, here are five things I absolutely love about concerts!


1) Making Random Friends

At every single concert I’ll talk to people standing in front of me or behind me in the admission or merchandise line. We all have something in common already – we love the artist performing. And then conversations just flow from there. Usually we follow each other on Instagram and Snapchat so we can keep up with each other and make plans to hang out later on. Finding similarities is one of the beginning stages of forming friends, but you already have one with every single person at the concert you’re at. So next time you’re at a concert, make the effort to talk and meet new people.

2) Dance Party!

Of course it depends on which genre of music you’re listening to at the concert, but for the most part you can make every concert a dance party! You can just vibe out to the music and let the music move you. My friends and I always have a blast because we jam out to music all the time in the car or at parties. However, at concerts you get to jam out with the artists themselves! Just let go and enjoy your time with your homies!

3) Anticipation

Honestly concerts help me get throughout the year. They give me something extra and exciting to look forward to. They make time pass by faster, so whenever I’m having a hard week in school I just tell myself I only have a couple of weeks until my favorite artist’s concert. Then once you get to the venue and you’re counting down the minutes until the artist comes on it’s one of the most exciting feelings in the world. It’s better than any high!

4) Memories

The memories you have when listening to the artist’s music to the memories you make at the concert are all ones you’ll keep for a lifetime. I’m the type of person that gets nostalgic when I listen to music and it’ll remind me of past parts of my life. So when the artist first releases their music, you’ll listen to it and make memories with your friends whether it’s after school, at a party, or driving on the freeway. Memories will be attached to your favorite songs/ album. And then at the concert you’ll be reminded of all the fun times you had listening to those songs, as well as make new memories at the concert. I take a lot of pictures and videos at concerts, but the mental memories are better in my opinion because you can relive your favorite moments.

5) Singing Along

Singing along to my favorite artist live is way better than listening to them on iTunes or on the radio. To actually be there and see the artist perform and put all of their energy into their performance is what makes the experience so amazing. I generally have more fun at concerts where I know all of the words to their songs, but it’s different for everyone. Those are always the concerts I enjoy more because I am able to connect on a deeper level. Plus, it’s fun to dance and sing along at an awesome concert with your friends. 



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