Who You Gonna Call?

With the new Ghostbusters film, there are a lot of die-hard fans out there that hated and loved things in the released trailers. 

Many are saying it's a remake of the classic, Ghostbusters, which is an amazing comedy movie. The original film is about New York's ghost problem and the team of parapsychologists that try to clean up the pests with their scientific skills.

The internet reacted somewhat like this:

"Nah. That's not real."


And Sony was just like:

Here are some things the world hated about the trailers and some things that seemed quite promising:

What People Didn't Love

1. The CGI looks questionable... are those ghosts or Azkaban's dementors?

2. Having an all-female cast is great! Yet...

If the movie turns out to be bad, people might blame it on the major switch from the all-male cast to the all-female cast.

Why just an all girls cast? Let's include everyone! Men, women, and people from different races and ethnicities can all work together to bust ghosts!

Not to mention the switch could have been new skills and personalities (we love the engineers and physicists, but what if we included a ghostly perspective like a psychic?) 

3. Much like Force Awakens & New Hope... Ghostbusters 2016 & Ghostbusters 1984 give us a déjà vu feeling.

Like the library ghost (and countless other intro scenes). 



5. And Marshmallow Man was unhappy with the trailer... to say the least:

Yet There Are Some Things That Seemed Quite Promising!

1. The Attitude

2. New Generation = New Nerdy Ghost Catching Gadgets 





3. Also, Slimer is back!

4. There is the new renovated Ecto-1



5. Chris Hemsworth playing the male secretary version of Janine.

With this pre-film release reactions we can just hope for the best (and be overall pumped that there's actually going to be a Ghostbusters 3!).

Gifs: Credit to Giphy.com