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What Happens in LA When it Rains

If anything sends people from LA into a spiral of panic, it’s rainy weather! Here are a few things that happen in California when it pours!

1. The roads become an obstacle course: Whenever it rains in LA, people suddenly forget how to drive. Traffic and arrival times skyrocket, pileups appear on every corner, and windshield wipers stay on their highest setting. The level of drama is high, and everyone insists on staying in.Traffic jams and road rage are a common theme once it starts drizzling. (photo courtesy of Photopin.com)

2. Starbucks becomes the only place of solace: If you aren’t home ducking for cover amidst the storm, you may find yourself trekking to a nearby Starbucks. If anything can comfort you during these dark times, it’s a grande Pike Place roast with room for cream. Baristas everywhere cry inside, and pray that their boss gives them a raise.

3. Every lecture becomes a SKIPPED lecture. Is it really safe to walk all the way across campus in the middle of a STORM? With my laptop in my bag? And during cold/flu season? No no, maybe it’s better to stay inside and read the slides online. Besides, no one else is going to class anyway.

4. The windbreakers come out. Because it only rains once a year, no one on campus invests in an ACTUAL raincoat unless they are from another state… so the campus is littered with windbreakers instead. If you and your friend are bored in your bunker Starbucks, you can play ‘spot the difference,’ and find everyone originally from Oregon, Washington, or New York- chances are they’ll be the only ones with a real raincoat.When raincoats aren’t available, plastic ponchos usually make their appearance. (photo courtesy of Photopin.com) 

5. Panic and drama: Rain becomes the only topic of conversation, and eyebrows are raised 24/7. The sound of raindrops sends everyone running over to the window to watch the downpour, while thunder sends everyone diving under their desks for cover.

Despite the challenges we all face during the rainy weather, us Californians secretly all love and embrace the change it brings us. Plus, we need it!


*thumbnail courtesy of photopin.com


Erin Niemi

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