We Should Bring This Back!

I have recently gotten into the show Riverdale.  Yes, I know finally I got on the bandwagon!  However the show has gotten me thinking… what are some things from the past that we should bring back?  So many distinct things define each decade; what would you want to bring back?  My number one would be drive-in movies.  Although we still have drive-in’s they are no where near as popular as they used to be. Photo Courtesy Of Pixabay.com

Drive-in’s used to be the popular hang out that all the teenager would go to; you hear it referenced in Riverdale but also in popular movies like Grease.  Also, we should bring back diners.  They're good and classic with a jukebox.  We have them, but for some reason there are not the popular hang out spots that they used to be back in the day.  We should also bring back roller-skates and disco parties. Photo Courtesy Of Unsplash.com

All these things are around us but yet difficult to find unless you are looking for them.  Of course there are things from the past that are better left in history, but that is for a whole new article.  What if we brought back diners and drive-ins, roller-skates and discos?  I know that I for one would love to experience these things that my parents got to experience.  What would you bring back from the past?