Tyler Gross '18


Name: Tyler Gross

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business with an emphasis in entrepreneurship

Height: 5’9"

Single? Yes…unfortunately!

Favorite color: Blue

Food: Sushi

Hobbies: I like photography, traveling, and being outdoors.

Favorite word: Oh gosh…a favorite word…ZAAAYUM!

Her Campus Cal Lutheran: How do you feel about being nominated as campus cutie?

Tyler Gross: I think it’s an absolute honor.

HC: What’s a cool fact about yourself?

TG: I really want to be a pilot because I feel free when I’m up there.

HC: That’s awesome! When did you decide you wanted to do that?

TG: I knew ever since I was a little kid...I just always liked planes.

HC: What do you look for in a girl?

TG: She should be humble, motivated, sweet personality, and super outgoing.

HC: Blondes or Brunettes?

TG: Blondes…or brunettes

HC: Where would you take a girl on a first date?

TG: Either to the beach or, when I become a pilot, up in an airplane over LA because of all the lights.

HC: Do you like being a commuter or a resident more?

TG: I like being with my family, but I prefer to be on campus. Plus, it’s harder to, I guess, plan stuff because it isn’t spontaneous. So now I have to think about: “Do I have the right clothes for this and where am I gonna get food?”

HC: What would you say is your style?

TG: Kind of California beachie—yeah—that’s it.

HC: What do you regret most in life?

TG: #noregrets

HC: What are your pet peeves?

TG: I really don’t have any except for when the one kid in class doesn’t stop clicking his pen...or when people flake.

HC: Where would you most like to travel?

TG: Probably all over Europe, but particularly Germany because I have family there.

HC: What do you do in your free time?

TG: I hang out with friends a lot—we go on adventures to places like Santa Monica, Stonehaus, or places with coffee.

HC: What do you want to tell the world?

TG: Do what makes you happy and don’t give up on it.