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I am a die-hard fan, and I know I love when others share musicals they have seen with me, so I’d love to share some of my favorites with you! If you love musicals, these are some musicals you will definitely enjoy, whether or not you are a huge fan.

*Disclaimer: I will only mention musicals I know about so I don’t give false information about others – what a crime that would be!  

Popular Musicals:

The Phantom of the Opera

A very widely popular musical. I would suggest watching the 25th-anniversary movie version if you can’t watch it in person. A story about a tortured genius, who falls in love with a woman who lives in a different kind of world and falls in love with another man, but together share a connective passion for music.  

The Sound of Music

A classic – you have to love Julie Andrews (movie version). A story about a nun taking a step out of the convent and learning how to take care of seven children of the Von Trappe family during a time of political unrest.

The Wizard of Oz

This one has always been kid friendly. A story about a girl swept away into another world with her dog Toto – the land of Oz. There, she finds friends who help her find a way home.(Photo Courtesy of Pixabay)

West Side Story

Romeo and Juliet, but set in the harsh climate of stereotypes and gang wars. Truly a tear-jerker but oh so good!

My Fair Lady

A rags to riches story (metaphorically), but through hard work and the demonstration of how our speech affects how others see us.


A musical based on the 1920s, revolving around murderesses and the long for fame, fortune, and jazz.


A noteworthy musical. It focuses on young, sweet Oliver Twist’s life – a literal rags to riches story.

My Personal Faves:

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

This musical (at least the movie to my knowledge) is full of love, adventure, and a whole lot of fun!

Les Miserables

Be warned: you will cry. A musical about the revolutionary period in France, and about a man who turns his life around. A musical with love and war.


A darker, more sensuous musical. The basic story of Dracula but with wonderful music and a more dramatic story.

Jekyll and Hyde the Musical

Jekyll and Hyde: the two faces of one man. One is pure and good, the other…beyond evil.   


The story behind the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.



A new musical I haven’t seen but I have listened to the entire soundtrack! If you have the means and a way – take it to see this musical about the life of one of our founding fathers! (But here’s the unique part: it includes rap!)(Photo Courtesy of Pixabay) 

One of the beautiful things about musicals – other than the fantastic music – are the various stories they tell. There is one for everyone out there who enjoys music and likes to watch a good story unfold. My favorite thing about them is that they can really make you feel: through acting, through music, and through words.

Hi! My name is Victoria Miller, but everyone calls me Tori. While writing has always been a passion of mine, it does not encompass all of my interests. I love exercising (taking care of my health is a big part of life for me - we only have one body to for life!), cooking, reading, singing, and hanging out with my friends and family. I am definitely a So-Cal Gal, and in complete honesty, I would not want to live anywhere else! I hope you enjoy the Her Campus articles as much as I do!
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