A Tribute to Sophomore Year

Dear Sophomore Year,

I cannot believe year two is coming to an end. It seems like just yesterday we were meeting our new roommates, having our parents there to help us move in, and painting the CLU rocks. Half of our college experience will momentarily be over, and sooner than we know it, we will be counting down the days until graduation. It is scary how quickly time flies so we tell ourselves to not let any waking moment go to waste. “College will be the greatest time of your lives!” all the adults say. We have to admit, they are partially right. In two short years, each and every one of us has made memories, friendships, and connections that will be engrained in our lives for as long as possible. It is amazing to think how many more people we will meet and experiences we will come across during our time left at CLU. An important part of our lives is just getting started and who knows what will come along soon!

Image courtesy of The Odyssey

Sophomore year was a time spent with people who truly matter. It was a time where we found ourselves and knew what we wanted a little bit more, so we set out to get it. Of course some of us are still trying to figure out who we are and what is best for us and that is A-Okay. We will all change within the next couple of years and that is expected. Freshman year was mainly spent trying to find the perfect group of friends, narrowing down our majors, and just being in the present. Now, we have our future to look ahead at. Friends have come and gone and the RAs were truly right when they told us that you will know who your true friends are after freshman year. Sophomore year of course did come with added responsibilities, late night studying, stress, and maybe even some tears, but that was all balanced out with movie marathons and ice cream, day trips to the beach, laughing until our stomachs hurt and our eyes filled with happy tears…that list could go on.

Each of us has grown immensely, both mentally and emotionally. We faced difficult situations, coped with the pressure of school, and now, look how far we have come! There is no guarantee that life will become easier from here, but this year was a good indication of what we are capable of accomplishing. We understand that college is no game to be played. Along with the fun moments comes hard work and vice versa.

Cheers to the nine months that will be remembered forever, and cheers to the amazing things that are in store for us later. Goodbye sophomore year, hello junior year!

Image courtesy of The Odyssey

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