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Tips For Back School But Online

This semester will inevitably look different for many of us with lots of universities switching to online classes. Right at the end of last semester I got into a really good swing and picked up a few tips that I’d like to share with you. 

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  • Planner

Everyone knows how important planners are but I found myself slowly not using mine because it started getting a little unorganized. I didn’t have a method to my planner. So if this is happening to you let me share a few things I have learned. Firstly, I use pencil when making plans far in advance or for plans that might change and when those plans get confirmed or at the beginning of the week, I go over the pencil in pen. This way you are avoiding messy cross outs. I also use the part of the planner that has the monthly lay out for non-academic purposes and the weekly section for academic purposes. Keeping the two separate has been a life saver. 


  • Not working in your bed

Keeping your work space separate from places where you relax is so important. Allowing a physical separation to allow your brain to turn is a must. This way you can associate your room and bed with relaxation and not work. Before I started doing this I would often lay in bed thinking about school or other tasks but with this tip I am allowing myself to completely unwind.


  • Creating a schedule 

Keeping a routine is so important to making sure everything in your day gets done. A routine that is similar to one that you might have had if you were going to in person classes will give you some sense of normalize and remind you to stay focused.


  • Don't take short cuts!

When classes aren’t in person I often found myself taking short cuts and looking up answers instead of putting in the work myself. I can’t stress enough how much that always comes back to bite you. You always end up having to do all the work last minute or learning things right before the exam. Staying on top of things is always best!

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  • Take breaks!

To avoid getting overwhelmed as well as to stay organized, scheduling breaks is something I’ve gotten in the habit of doing. I usually will work for an hour and then take a fifteen minute break. I put my phone in another room to make sure I am not tempted to reach for it. I also like doing that so I may break from the computer and walk around and stretch. 


I hope these few little tips are helpful to you guys and this semester is your best yet!

Sophia Placencio

Cal Lutheran '22

Hi, my name Sophia Placencio and I am the HCCLU president! I am a senior at California Lutheran University majoring in Criminal Justice!
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