Things I Learned Freshman Year

1) Get involved. At a school like Cal Lutheran, it’s an easy way to become part of a community and develop skills and knowledge.


2) Look at your work as more than mere assignments. Especially in courses not related to your major, it’s easy to just want to get a class over with. Keeping an open mind led to things like German becoming my minor, which I never expected!


3) Take advantage of the opportunities available. I am grateful for Cal Lutheran being a school where students may get out rewards for effort put in. If you step out of your comfort zone and take a look around, you’re bound to find things that fit your interests and will build your resume – the key is simply showing up. 


4) Make time for yourself. Sometimes, it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in meetings, events, deadlines, and the like. Be sure to step away every once in a while and catch a breath. 


5) Try to eat healthy. It took me a while to realize I was on an overload of french fries and junk food (freshman 15, anyone?). Find options you like on campus that are simpler and healthier, and always keep some good snacks in your dorm.


6) Keep a planner. Things go a lot smoother when you actually use it.


7) Get to know your professors…but don’t be the person who bugs them in office hours all the time. 


8) Procrastination is motivation. I found I truly work better on deadlines and don’t need to stress so much. However, if you can get stuff done ahead of time and save yourself some sleep, then keep up the good work!


9) But, try not to procrastinate on group projects. It’ll come to the last day, and half your members are M.I.A.


10) Rotate study spots. Staying in one place too long can make a person lose his or her mind. 


11) Send letters to friends and family. Whether they’re near or far, this can be a fun way to keep in touch. 


12) Overall, just make the most of it! College get rough, but there’s a lot of good to outweigh the bad.