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With finals coming up, summer is just around the corner.  Here are some tips and tricks to avoid staying in all summer.    

  1. Explore a new beach:  One of the greatest things about living in California is that there are a ton of different beaches to explore.  From Venice to San Diego and Malibu to Huntington, each beach has something different to offer.Photo Courtesy of UnSplash
  2. Have a road trip with friends:  Go out of state or see more of California.  Summer is a time to explore!
  3. Go on a hiking trip:  Always great to do something outdoors and be active.
  4. Paint:  Get creative! It doesn’t have to be just painting; it can be drawing or writing too!
  5. Have a bonfire:  Nothing says summer like s’mores!
  6. Have a picnic: So simple-but also something that is super memorable to do with friends.Photo Courtesy Of UnSplash
  7. Clean and reduce:  Get rid of the things you don’t need and reorganize your space.
  8. Start a garden:  Add more flowers to your life.Photo Courtesy of UnSplash
  9. Visit Family:  Summer is a time to reconnect with the ones you love.
  10. Read more:  Expand your horizons and learn something new.


Expand your horizons and make this summer one to remember.

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