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Ever since I was little, I have always loved writing and, especially, receiving letters. There is something about sitting down and writing to a person that is much more special than texting or calling someone. Even if it takes a little bit of time, I think everyone should consider writing letters to family members or friends. Being away at college might be the perfect time to start! Especially if you have younger siblings who are not old enough to have phones, this is a good way to talk to them and create something special that they will remember forever. I also have a friend that’s away at boot camp and letter writing is the only form of communication I have with her.

Communicating by letters has actually been fun because you can write about things that have happened throughout the week, rather than texting your friends what’s happening as it’s going on. It’s fun retelling stories that have happened and can be a good break from homework, too. Another fun part about writing letters is that this is something you can hold onto forever. Text messages are eventually deleted and phone calls aren’t recorded, but you can hold on to letters forever. Letters can also be passed down from generation to generation, so one day your great-grandchildren can read about what was going on in your life during this time.


How to Write a Letter: 

Writing a letter may seem daunting at first, but it is actually super easy once you get the hang of it. Personally, I choose to handwrite my letters, but many people might find it easier to type and print them out. Always start by addressing the person, and then include the date when it was written (I usually put this in the right-hand corner of the page). If you choose to handwrite the letter, any type of paper would do, but I personally love fun and festive cards from places like Hallmark. You can buy fun packs and themes for any holiday. If you are having issues with things to write about, talk about the classes you are in, books or movies you read or saw recently, or really anything. You’d be surprised how easily you will get in the flow and have a whole page written. Starting is the hardest part of any writing, so just see where it takes you!

How to Address a Letter:

To get it to the person, it is important to make sure you are properly addressing the envelope, so I thought I would do a quick rundown of how to address an envelope for review. 

  • First off, make sure the main address is in the middle of the envelope. Include the person’s first and last name. The full address, town, state, and zip code. For example, the schools address is 101 Memorial Pkwy (box # here) Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.
  • Secondly, put the return address (your own address) on the upper left hand side of the envelope. 
  • Lastly, but most importantly, put a stamp in the upper right hand corner of the envelope! 

To finalize, I highly recommend writing a letter to a family member or friend! Writing letters is a fun activity for anyone at any age, and would be fun to try especially during the holidays. It can also be a relaxing way to let out emotions and stress even if you don’t end up sending the letters. Maybe you will find a new found love of writing letters as well!

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Ashley Cope

Cal Lutheran '25

Hello! My name is Ashley Cope and I am a Freshman at California Lutheran University. I am a Communications major with an emphasis in Journalism. I love reading, writing, and listening to music in my free time!
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