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I have always been a goal oriented person! My favorite thing to do is check something off my to do list. It is so rewarding and relieving! I have often found that to be a good source of motivation for me. I have come up with a few suggestions on how to set goals that are hopefully helpful for you as well!

Make the goals reasonable

If you make an outrageous goal that you inevitably are not going to meet that might discourage you so that is why I recommend small reasonable at right. Anything can be a goal! Waking up on time, getting an assignment done or eating a healthy meal that day. I have found that that rewarding feeling after accomplishing a goal will be the motivation to push you to continue. 

Don’t be discouraged 

It is totally normal to not meet a goal however. Things happen, get in the way or sometime you simply don’t feel motivated. Whatever the case maybe, it is important to not feel discouraged but to keep pushing forward and not focus on that feeling. 

[bf_image id="9nxskgbmmc24tq4zvw278znk"] Lists, lists, lists!

Lists have always been SO important but especially when goal setting. They keep you organized so you can focus on the task at hand. They also allow for the physical aspect of checking something off that is so rewarding as I mentioned previously!

I hope these tips help you set goals so you can start chasing that rewarding feeling!

Sophia Placencio

Cal Lutheran '22

Hi, my name Sophia Placencio and I am the HCCLU president! I am a senior at California Lutheran University majoring in Criminal Justice!
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