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Thanksgiving Break as Told by The Office

Thanksgiving break could not come at a better time in the semester! Students are ready for a break from classes and ready to eat tons of food on Thanksgiving. Here are some of the key moments that you might experience in these couple days off of classes:

Finally a break from school

Walking in to you house like…

When you realize that you have days off of school for basically a day to eat delicious food (oh and give thanks of course!)

Getting to sleep in for 5 days straight

Catching up with old friends

Eating an excess amount of food on Thanksgiving because its home-cooked 

When you’re sitting around the table and family members start asking you questions like, “How’s college going?” & “Are you getting good grades?”

Realizing at the end of the break that the next holiday is Christmas!

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As a freshman at California Lutheran, I am studying Education in the pursuit of becoming a elementary school teacher. I grew up in Arizona (beardown), but found myself going to school in California. I love spending time with family and friends.
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