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The Struggles of Having a Long Distance Best Friend

College is a wonderful time for fun, discovering who you are, meeting new people, and learning more about the profession of your choosing. One of the downfalls of college, however, is having to move away from your friends and family. Leaving your comfort zone is never an easy task. Friends make that transition either easier or more difficult. Moving away from your old friends and meeting exciting new friends is part of the college experience. 

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Distance is something you become used to in college, but dealing with your best friend being far away is a whole other type of struggle. Currently, one of my best friends is studying abroad in Spain. We became very close during the year of 2016. She and I are so close, that she even came to my house for Thanksgiving because she lives out of the state and could not be with her family. Being this close with someone and then finding out they are going to study abroad is hard. You want to be happy for them and excited for their new adventure and new experiences, but it is difficult to be all of those things when all you want to do is have them stay and be with you. Even though you promise each other that you won’t become distant in your friendship, you eventually do.

(Photo from: Natalie Elliott)

Even though my best friend has only been gone for a few months, the distance is already extremely hard. Being in California while she is in Spain, means that there is a nine hour time difference. Planning FaceTime calls, barely texting because you can’t seem to catch each other while the other is awake, meaning to send packages but never getting around to it are just some of the things that take a toll on a friendship. However, when you do finally get that FaceTime call or that “i miss you” text, it makes all the difference in the world. 

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I’m not going to lie, seeing your best friend make new friends while you are in a totally different place and watching them become close is difficult. Even though it is hard to see them doing fun things and getting major FOMO, you have to be happy for your friend because they are getting a once in a lifetime experience that you will not understand. All you can do is wait for when they come back and enjoy the time you’re going to get with them.


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