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Start of the Semester as told by Breaking Bad

1. For all those seniors this Spring semester:

2. It’s the first week and you already have 2 projects, 4 quizzes and 1 reading assignment, because your teacher wants you to get a “feel” for the class, before you decide to drop out:

3. When your teacher gives you a pop quiz, a hidden question in the syllabus, and a packet to fill in the first day of class:

4. You joined that science-artsy class because you thought it was going to be fun, but the teacher is just lecturing:

5. Low-key asking your teacher how to get around studying for quizzes, and they’re just like:

6. Walking into the wrong room, and having to walk out…after the teacher tells you where your actual class is:

7. When the person next to you asks you what’s going on in the class:

8.  Trying to get sh*t done the first few weeks but your friends, teachers, roommates and virtually everyone needs you to do things:

9. Trying to enjoy yourself and take a break but then you realize that you have to get sh*t done:

10. But you know no matter the obstacles, in the end you will still master the heck out of this semester:

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