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Social Media Is Irrelevant

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Many people are consumed by social media applications and the amount of engagement that they get from them. Psychologically, this is due to the human’s need for affirmation. In other words, we feel better about ourselves because of the likes and comments we get. But in reality, these are all just numbers and don’t actually mean anything. Don’t let your self worth be defined by a number, especially based on the actions of others. Just because someone has a high number of followers doesn’t mean that they have a lot of friends, just as a high number of likes doesn’t mean that a lot of people like the person. You should feel good about yourself based on your own actions and the type of person you are, not your social media standing.

Rather than worrying about those things, focus on more important things such as the people and upcoming events in your life. Focus on your family and friends, and surround yourself with people who are not as concerned with social media. The actual relationships you make with people are much more important than how many followers you have. Go to the beach, hangout out with your family, and make sure to put your phone away. Social media has made people so reliant on their phones. We’re constantly checking to see if we have a notification to make us feel special. Rather than spending quality time with the people we’re with, we’re looking for outside acknowledgment. Live your life for you! I challenge you to delete all of the social media apps on your phone for a week and see how much time you’ll be saving. You’ll be out there living your life rather than wanting to document it all for the world!

Be free from social media!

                                                                                                                                              Photo courtesy of author 

Remember to spend time with the people you love and do the things that you love to do. Don’t let the number of likes, comments, or followers you have get you down, determine your self worth, or affect your self esteem. Instead, focus on having a great time with the people you love. 

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