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Simply Regal: Mexico’s Rising Models

Brazilian, European, and American models have all ruled the modeling world at different points of fashion history but models emerging from Mexico are rising to the top. New York, London, Milan, and Paris all saw Mexican models dominate the runway, and I am so excited that they are getting the exposure they deserve. Here are a few of these breakout stars that are showing the fashion industry and the world how incredible they are.

Daniella Valdez is a beautiful, confident, and bold model who was seen often during this past New York Fashion Week. Do you remember that article I wrote about bizarre fashion during NYFW? If you haven’t you should *winkwink.* But she was one of the models who killed it during the show and rocked those strange backwards boots. I cannot wait to see what is in store for this rising model.

Sabinee Camou was seen during London Fashion Week walking in a handful of shows, showing the industry how incredibly talented she is. She is mainly a bikini and lingerie model, but she’s working her way into the high fashion world which is actually a tough thing to do. I wish her luck and believe she is going to do some amazing things in the future. 

Joss Corna is making a huge impact in the fashion world. She has made her way from being a commerical model into a high fashion model and is only getting better as time goes on. Corna has used this opportunity of fame to spread a message of body positivity and that is truly a great way for someone to be using their fame. I hope she will become a role model for women everywhere and hope to see her on the cover of Vogue one day.

Photos Via Vogue.com 

I am currently a Freshmen at Cal Lutheran and majoring in Global Studies. I have a love for fashion, travel, and having adventures with friends.
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