Simply Regal: Easy as Apple Pie: A Snow White Bob

“Magic mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all??” You will be with this lovely hairstyle!

I’d like to begin with some background. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a Disney film released in 1937. As such, Snow White’s style reflects trends of the time: bobbed hair, red lips, and a round face. Thus, I based this hairstyle on a mix of Snow White and 1930s hair.

Let’s get started!

You’ll need: a curling iron, a hair brush, a smoothing brush, pin curl clips/bobby pins, setting spray, hairspray, and a red bow.

1.     Begin by creating a side part. Then create a vertical section along the nape of the neck, about an inch in thickness. You’ll be working up the head. Take very small sections (an inch or less in size) and begin to curl. Curl all of the hair in the same direction.

2.     After curling piece of hair, wrap the hair around a finger, maintaining the direction, and pin into place.

3.     Continue working up the hair, repeating step one on the whole head. Each row will go in alternating directions. So, the bottom row I curled towards the right, and then I curled the next row to left. The row above that went to the left.

4.     When all the hair is curled, spray with setting spray. I used diluted Lottabody. You can also skip this step—it's not necessary.

5.     When the hair has curled and set for as a long as possible, take down the bottom row you started curling. Brush it out thoroughly and shape it so it curls under.

6.     Release the next row. Brush it out thoroughly, and then meld it into the other row. Do this to the rest of the hair. Shape the hair around the face in whatever way is most flattering.

7.     Smooth the hair so that there is no volume in the crown area. This is critical to a 1930s hairstyle. Use pin curl clips to hold the hair in place, along the ridge that should form.

8.     Generously spray the hair with a strong-hold hairspray and add a red bow to the light side of the part with the hair tucked behind the ear.

And then you’re done! You are the fairest of them all!

Thanks for reading! Have a magical day! And a big thanks to Erin for being such a good sport about the cheesy photos! :)