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Simply Regal: Classic Curls

Today, I’m going to show you how to create classic curls with a curling iron. This is called a hard set and is a quick way to attain vintage curls without the wet set. This technique works on any type of hair so long as a few simple things are done. This adds a vintage touch to any outfit. I like to pair with my vintage style dresses for an especially feminine look.

1.     Use a small curling iron. I used a 1-inch curling iron from Hot Tools.

2.     Roll the hair the same direction. All the hair, no matter what side of the part it is on, should go the same way—either to the left or to the right.

3.     Pin up the curls and allow maximum cooling time. I unfortunately did not have a lot of time to let Bailey’s hair cool, but results will be maximized if you let them cool for half an hour or more.

4.     Make all your curls the same! This is very important as the curls will not look right if each section is not the exact same.

Let’s get started!

Tools you will need: heat protectant, hairspray, curling iron, wide-tooth comb, setting lotion, teasing comb, pin curl clips.

1.     Start at the bottom of the head and part a horizontal section, about one inch in thickness. Create your sections by parting one-inch sections vertically. I sprayed each section with heat protectant as I went.

2.     Curling each section from roots to ends, going the same direction. I went to the right. Then curl it around two fingers and pin it up with a pin curl clip.

3.     Continue to work your way up the head. When you get to the crown, separate sections around the part. The optimal part for this look is a deep side part. I recommend curling the hair on the heavy side of the part away from the face and the hair on the light side of the part towards the face.

4.     When the hair was done, I let it cool in the pin curl clips.  I sprayed the hair with watered down Lottabody, but this isn’t needed. When it is cool, carefully and gently take out the clips, maintaining the direction of the curls.

5.     Once done, gently brush the hair out with a wide-tooth comb. On the light side of the part, I curled the hair around my fingers towards the face so as to frame it. I then pinned the hair behind the ear, with the curl caressing the ear. 

6.     I did some light teasing on the deep side of the part, right along the center of the head. You can skip this step if you want. And that's it! 

Thanks for reading! -AP

Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am sophomore Sociology/English major at Cal Lutheran University. This is my first year writing for Her Campus and I am very proud and excited to have joined the team. I aim to provide general lifestyle tips and ideas for my blog, as a means of making a campus dorm more homey. Thank you for reading!
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