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Entering my senior year of college, I am feeling very excited to get back on campus. Lately, I have been feeling the need to take advantage of every moment of my senior year because of the year and half we lost due to Covid. I have put together a few bucket list ideas that I hope to be able to check off this year!

  • Attend every school event

In the past, I sometimes found myself passing on school events thinking I would go to the next one but this year I will be attending every improv performance, football game and enjoying Monte Carlo and spring formal. While I did go to some of these things in the past, I want to make a point to attend every single one knowing I won’t have that opportunity again. 

  • Celebrate after the first week of school

After our first week of school, I plan to celebrate! Go out for a nice dinner with friends,  talk about how our week went, and plan for the year ahead. I hope to enjoy and celebrate every little moment because these are the moments we will remember when the year comes to a close.

  • Sunset picnics at the beach

I’ve seen beautiful beach-picnic set ups and it’s something I have always wanted to do with friends. This year, I would love to set one up for a celebration. We’re lucky to be so close to the beach and I plan to take advantage of that again this year!

  • Have HCCLU’s best year

The biggest thing I would like to check off my list is making this HCCLU’s biggest and best year. Of course, I would love International Women’s Day and every tabling event to be a major success, and with that, I would love for our moments as a chapter to be impactful. Creating a space where lots of unique friendships can be formed is the ultimate goal.

  • Saying yes more often 

Overall, my motto for this year is to say yes more often, take advantage of every opportunity, and savor every moment. With these thoughts in mind, I plan to have the most memorable senior year. 

I can’t wait to check these things off my bucket list and experience new and exciting things.

Sophia Placencio

Cal Lutheran '22

Hi, my name Sophia Placencio and I am the HCCLU president! I am a senior at California Lutheran University majoring in Criminal Justice!