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Fashion, much like the society we live in today, evolves and allows for new ideas and trends to be depicted from one day to the next. As society’s ideas evolve, so does the creativity and the way people decided to dress. Women and men are free to dress androgynously and wear white after Labor Day. Others are now choosing to introduce florals into fall rather than only associating the idea with the summer and spring collections. Fashion has brought a time of reform and it is showing people that what you wear no longer dictates how you should dress but you finally dictate how you should dress.  


Navy and Black Cannot Be Worn Together

  • The first rule that came out of nowhere was the idea that navy and black are not meant to be worn together. However, fashion icons such as the Olsen sisters have broken this rule many times by showing that black and navy can be worn together, either casually or elegantly. Simply, put together, black skinny jeans and a navy sweater with a pair of black loafers or kitten heels show that even the darkest colors can be worn together.

                                                                       Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Your Bags and Heels Must Match

  • An unsaid rule of the 50s was matching your bags and shoes, because it portrays a sense of class and wealth. Women bought many pairs of matching bags and shoes but as modern times have approached women have made things more realistic by pairing bags and shoes that do not necessarily match. Bags could be anything from a snakeskin print to a red faux leather bag and still be worn with various types of shoes and vice versa. And while there is something enchanting about a matching bag and shoe set, it should remain a fashion choice for special occasions and black tie events, it does not have to be not an everyday choice.

                                                                           Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Mixing Metals is a Big No-No

  • Oh my gosh, Karen is wearing gold hoops with a silver necklace. It’s a fashion emergency, call Joan Rivers from the grave! Truth be told, it is not a fashion emergency, and let Joan Rivers rest in her grave please. Mixing gold and silver is a great way to change up your look and add a bit of flair to your outfit. Also, mixing jewellery can help you discover what looks best on you and whether or not you prefer things layered, chunky, or dainty. 

                                                                          Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

When Dressing for Special Occasions, Heels are a Must

  • This is a lie! A flat out lie, and if you don’t break any other rules, please break this one. Flats are now in for every season and it remains an effortless way to look chic and feel comfortable. There is nothing wrong with wearing flats instead of heels, however, there is a problem with wearing shoes that cause you to walk with a limp for the whole night or feel uncomfortable pain. So rather than being in pain for a whole week because of a pair of shoes, opt for a pair of flats and still look amazing while doing it.

                                                                            Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Your Size Dictates What You Wear 

  • What do all the best fashion icons have in common? They wear whatever they want and how they want to. Icons such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Gigi Hadid wear what fits their frame and shape their already flattering sizes. Clothing is not dictated on breakfast items such as an apple or pear, but it depends on how comfortable and confident the person feels in the items. Many people are deciding what they want to wear not based on what society wants them to but what they choose. 

                                                                           Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Stick to One Print

  • This rule is a dull one by all means. Mixing and matching prints is a great way to change up your style and express your sense of creativity. Designers such as Richard Quinn and Matty Bovan broke this rule by mixing animal and floral prints together and making it look put together and fun. For the modern, bolder is better and no one is dull any longer. 

                                                                           Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Your Gender Dictates What You Wear

  • Said no one ever. While fashion clearly has depictions of what clothing is for women and men, fashion is meant to be explored and changed. Ideas no longer revolve around the societal norms of what women and men are supposed to wear, but instead allows you to break the norms and dress however you want to. Fashion is not prescribed but created for the individual and their needs. 

                                                                           Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Hopefully, these were able to shine a light on some rules that are in need of being broken and played with. And I’ll say it again for the people in the back, fashion does not dictate you, you dictate fashion. 


Wear Whatever You Want,


Rachel Beharry

Cal Lutheran '22

I am a Biology Major with a passion for the arts and science, but when I am not in school, you can either find me hanging out with my friends and having an amazing time or having a bonfire at the beach with some s'mores, friends, and a whole lot of laughter.
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