Reality Check: Racist America



The name of Yale college is the foundation of a heated conflict about slavery; America’s most treacherous past. Calhoun College is named after John C. Calhoun, a man who had many jobs throughout his lifetime. Calhoun was a US Secretary, Vice President, and Secretary of State. However, he is mainly known for his pro-slavery stance. Thus, controversy sparks in terms of political correctness and livelihood of a nation.

Today, college campuses in the United States are stuck on this idea of creating a safe space. This space is merely set up as a place for those who are being bullied to go and escape the horrors of their everyday life. This is a place to seek refuge and feel as though there is a glimmer of hope. Due to this, the renaming of Calhoun College has become a huge issue. How can people feel safe when they are reminded of the treacherous acts that Calhoun condoned? Furthermore, is Yale glamorizing the American past?

However, Yale feels that the complete eradication of the name could potentially result in the all-together erased memory of the past. Thus, this could mean that slavery will be repeated as it was in the past. The current president of Yale, Salovey recently voiced that, ‘“Erasing Calhoun’s name from a much-beloved residential college risks masking this past, downplaying the lasting effects of slavery, and substituting a false and misleading narrative, albeit one that might allow us to feel complacent or, even, self-congratulatory,”… “Retaining the name forces us to learn anew and confront one of the most disturbing aspects of Yale’s and our nation’s past. I believe this is our obligation as an educational institution.”’

Although there is power in remembrance, one must think about being in another’s shoes. Though education issues can be combatted, it is not necessary to glorify the evil in our daily lives. How else can America move on?



Note: This article is the perspective and opinion of the author and does not reflect the views of Her Campus Cal Lutheran or Her Campus Media. Thank you!