Radio Rodriguez

Our last Campus Celebrity of the semester is the one and only Nancy Rodriguez. Nancy is a special part of the Her Campus family because she’s our on-campus chapter advisor. However, her role on campus doesn’t just stop there. Nancy’s also the advisor for iCLU radio which is CLU’s on campus, student run, radio station. Read on to find out more about our inspirational, fun and bright chapter advisor, Nancy!

Her Campus Cal Lutheran: What is your job at CLU and how long have you been here?

Nancy Rodriguez: I’ve been here for three years. It’s my last year because I have a baby and a full time job. My title is an adjunct professor, which means I’m not part time or full time, but I’m still a professor. I am a supervisor and advisor for iCLU radio and Her Campus.  

HC: What do you love most about CLU?

NR: I love being able to share my passion with students. I’ve been doing radio for seventeen years. It’s a lot of fun and awesome to have students who want to learn.

HC: Why the radio business?

NR: I always knew I wanted to do radio. In high school, I was always the MC and coordinating things. When I was six, I asked for a microphone for my birthday. I went to the Academy of Radio Broadcasting and then I got a degree in PR. It’s always been what I want to do.HC: How did you become the HC chapter advisor? What do you like about it?

NR: They approached me because they needed an advisor. I mean, Her Campus is taken care of nationally, but they needed someone on campus. I like it because it’s journalism, which is what I do! They’ve really gotten everything taken care of though. I’m just here for questions.

HC: What are you most passionate about?

NR: My number one was radio, and then I had a baby boy. My life revolves around him. He’s four months old. I don’t know why I waited to have kids. It’s the best thing ever! Motherhood is really it for me. It’s really hard, but it’s definitely worth it.

HC: If you could leave your students (or the student body in general) with one piece of advice, what would it be?

NR: I would say don’t be scared to try new things. If you felt like something you did wasn’t good enough, then at least you gave it a shot. It’s all about learning new things. Have fun! Time goes by so quickly, so whatever you do just enjoy it.