A Quote a Day Makes the Motivation Stay

Starting things off with a quote by my hero, Malala Yousafzai!


Let's face it: we ALL know that agonizing feeling of wanting to accomplish something but just not having enough motivation to put efforts into achieving it. Why is that 100% the life of a college student summed up into one sentence right there? However, the good news is that sometimes motivation can be sparked from even the smallest and most unexpected things. An example that really works for me is motivational quotes. As insanely cliché as it sounds, inspirational words said once by someone else (and maybe millions of others) can actually work its magic to empower us. Isn't that why we put quotes in our instagram bios? I think it is honestly amazing that a couple of simple phrases in parenthesis can completely transform my outlook on my daily grind. Starting each new day with some inspirational words can give you just that extra touch of motivation you need to kick your day in the @$$!!! Here are 7 quotes for the next 7 days so why not try it out for a week?  

DAY 1: Kickin' off the week with some Chanel 

The queen of fashion and perfumes herself is speaking words of gold. I honestly love quotes that steer us away from trying to "fit in". Imagine if Chanel tried to fit in... maybe her luxury brand that exists as a trademark of style and class would not exist today if she tried to fit in and be more like her peers. 

Day 2: Set that soul on fire girl!

Quotes about passion are sometimes the most empowering. They're little reminders for us to keep our passions bigger than our fears! 

Day 3: Who knew we could learn a valuable lesson from flowers?! 

I love this quote because it serves as a reminder that we should not compete with others. Life is not about being the best, it is about growing and learning and achieving what makes you the most passionate. When you're focusing on yourself and what YOU can accomplish, that is how you grow... not by trying to be better than others. 

Day 4: Now we can change the world too!

No one can deny that all accomplishments were once just a thought or just a goal. The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, really are the ones who end up doing so. We have more than just our iPhones to thank Steve Jobs for! 

Day 5: Your light shines even in the darkest times!  "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being"  (quote reproduced since it was cut off in the image) 

This was a quote I found in the Shakespeare and Co. bookstore in Paris! It made me feel warm inside because sometimes we all need to know that we are stronger and braver and better than we think. 

Day 6: It is all about putting that "extra" in front of that "ordinary" 

A broadway star like Uta Hagen would know best about what it takes to be extraordinary. The theme of not trying to fit in and embracing yourself for who you are is a very common theme for quotes because it is such an importance lesson to learn. 

Day 7: Always listen to the queen of Harry Potter! At the end of the day, our choices really reflect who we are rather than what we are capable of doing. For example: we are all capable of being kind to one another, but those who choose to act on this kindness are the ones who are truly kind.