The Problems of Working with Kids

                                                                        Photo Courtesy of Taylor Netter

For those who choose to work with kids, I commend you, for you have one of the most rewarding yet challenging jobs. Kids can be great; they have such lively imaginations, such energy, and sometimes can even be rather sweet. But for all those who spend their days teaching or taking care of children, the constant headache and sometimes even dread which follows working with children can become a well-known companion, or rather, enemy. Here are the top five problems one faces when workings with kids.

1. Being the Bad Guy

Discipline is key. And more than often this means being the killjoy. One of the hardest things to do when you love working with kids is having to tell them no, especially when they ask for candy. I mean who wants to be the designated “the party pooper” by the kids?

2. When They Ask Why

Kids are incredibly curious and they love to ask “why”. But sometimes, we just don’t have have the answers. Other times, they’re too young to understand. Nonetheless, they never fail to continuously bug you for a satisfying response. The solution: wait until they forget!

3. The Constant Headache

Working with kids means you are constantly in a fast-paced noisy environment. Kids are yelling, you are yelling. It becomes exhausting. You’re on sensory overload. Not to mention, you always have to stay on your feet. You can never underestimate the lengths you have to go everyday to ensure a child’s safety.

4. The Crying

One of the worst experiences working with children are when they cry. Whether they injure themselves, get into a conflict with a friend, or they want to go home, crying raises the bar to a whole new level. The tricky part is that every child is different. They all cry for different reasons and they all require a different approach to making them feel better.

5. Leaving

Even though these problems mentioned above are pretty challenging and can be rather annoying at times, one of the hardest things to do when you love working with kids is actually leaving. Kids have a powerfully unique way of making days better. They’re funny, sweet, creative, and energetic. On good days, you’ll leave feeling as though you want to immediately come back to see how they can make you smile next.                                                                       Photo Courtesy of Pexels