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Recently, I found that I am prone to gum recession; and unfortunately, I found this out because I had to get graft surgery. Luckily, I used donor tissue rather than tissue cut from my own mouth (it is an interesting process, I would encourage anyone to look it up - but that is not the topic at hand here). Yet, I still had to deal with the drama that comes from dental surgery of any kind. So for those of you who have had any kind of procedure done in that most sensitive of places - your mouth - here are some tips for that painful recovery!

1. Follow your doctor’s orders!

Follow the advice of the doctor. That’s it. Trust me, you do not want to pay for another $3,000+ surgery just because you didn’t like the instructions or you forgot them. Write them down, and be wary.(Photo Courtesy of Pexels) 

2. Find someone to take care of you during that first day. Seriously.

Please, I beg everyone to have someone who has NOT had dental surgery any time near yours to take care of you. After the surgery you will be a bit loopy, or in great pain, and having someone to give you your meds when you need them and to provide you with ice packs, gauze, whatever you need, is really the only way you are going to get through this without being scarred (or possibly fainting from walking around).

3. Yes, you have to stick to the diet.  

Annoying as it may be, it is just worth it to stick to the food. For me, this has been the worst. The second you aren’t allowed to eat anything that counts as a solid, food is offered to you from all corners! You get so many cravings you can’t jump on, and you can’t risk anything. Not too hot, not too cold, no straws, nothing citrusy. I had a smoothie and there were too many lumps in it I couldn’t drink it! It has been a struggle. I would suggest, if you know you’re getting surgery, pinterest food/recipes you can eat beforehand that someone else can buy/make for you so that you’re not going through the day wondering whether you’re going to be able to find something to eat, or if you’re going to have to eat yogurt for the third time that day. Trust me, it’s not fun otherwise. It isn’t anyway but at least this gives you options.(Photo Courtesy of Pexels) 

4. Last tip: take it easy.

Remember that you just had surgery. Rest, don’t excessively exercise or overdo your schedule. Keep this in mind, and make sure to account for all the time that it should take for you to heal. Don’t worry, the pain and the annoying diet and carefulness won’t last!(Photo Courtesy of Pexels)   

Hi! My name is Victoria Miller, but everyone calls me Tori. While writing has always been a passion of mine, it does not encompass all of my interests. I love exercising (taking care of my health is a big part of life for me - we only have one body to for life!), cooking, reading, singing, and hanging out with my friends and family. I am definitely a So-Cal Gal, and in complete honesty, I would not want to live anywhere else! I hope you enjoy the Her Campus articles as much as I do!
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