"Person of the Year"?

*TRIGGER WARNING: mentions claims of sexual assault and abuse.

On December 5, 2017 TIME magazine revealed it’s list of runner-ups and the winner of it’s annual title of “Person of the Year.” This year’s title was awarded to “The Silence Breakers,” also known as those who had come forward to tell their stories of sexual harassment and abuse. Illustrated in part by #metoo, a remarkable number of survivors have brought their struggles to public attention, helping generate a movement of survivors speaking about the abuse they’ve faced in personal relationships, the workplace, or amongst family.*People across America continue to march to show support for the victims of sexual harassment and assault. 

This award is well-deserved and continues to help shed light on issues related to harassment and sexual abuse, but the named runner-up Donald Trump has TIME magazine facing major backlash from the general public.

President Donald Trump, former reality TV star known best for his controversial and narcissistic tweets, has multiple existing sexual abuse scandals filed against him, and has made multiple statements that can be interpreted as misogynistic and cruel. Some of the following statements and actions reportedly include:

  • Calling a deaf actress “retarded” and sexually harassing her on the set of The Apprentice

  • Telling two 14-year-olds girls: “Wow! Just think-in a couple of years, I’ll be dating you.”

  • Suggested a reporter who accused him of sexual assault was not attractive enough to be assaulted.

Among numerous other claims listed on www.slate.com.

Nominating a person who has a history of sexual abuse/assault claims as the Runner Up for “Person of The Year” is hypocritical and reflects normalizations of rape culture in society. Most would hope that a “Person of Year” would have helped inspire people of the world and shed light on important issues not addressed enough in society, which the current winner does serve the purpose of doing. Trump, however, seems to defeat this purpose and is considered the poster-boy of unprofessionalism and misogyny, who leaves people uninspired and reinforces fears of coming out and “Breaking the Silence.”*Trump currently has multiple claims sexual harassment allegations against him. 

Instead, this silver-medal nomination not only continues to accept and normalize rape culture and sexual assaulters, but also issues the statement that they deserve to win an award and be heralded as heroes. And that message is EXACTLY what keeps victims silent, and hidden in the shadows.

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