Painting Up in Purple & Gold

An onslaught of purple and gold covers a section of the stadium. You see people with crazy wigs, tutus, and bodies covered in paint. This is Cal Lutheran’s Purple Pit redefining school spirit.

The Purple Pit has been bringing the energy to athletic events by “painting up,” dressing in spirited outfits, wearing our beloved purple and gold and cheering on all of our Kingsmen and Regals. For the aspiring cheerleader, athlete, or general sports and Cal Lutheran enthusiast, this club is the perfect match.

The Purple Pit has been running off-and-on for some time. Frankie Manes, the club’s president, said he got the group running last year, but now has a larger membership and more funding.

“For me the purpose is to increase school spirit. I want to make Cal Lutheran a school that everyone is proud to be at and one where everybody wants to rep our gear, our name, and all of our athletes,” Manes said in an email.

Manes said the recent home volleyball game on Friday, October 21, was the club’s largest turnout, with a giant paint up beforehand with food and drinks.

McKenna Johnsen, who recently became the Purple Pit club’s vice president, said they are looking not just to raise attendance but overall spirit, as well as getting people to come to many games, “not just your typical football/basketball.” She said they hope to attend all the sports once or twice during each season.

The club has sixty official members listed on the roster, but Manes said they were looking to cut this down to people who would like to hold a position in the club or represent a specific sport.

For anyone who would like to get involved in the club, you can follow the CLU Purple Pit on Facebook and Twitter, and can always contact Manes at [email protected].

Go Kingsmen and Regals!  

Photos provided by Frankie Manes.