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This One is For You

This one's for you. The one that birthed me, raised me, and shaped me into the person I am today. This one is for my Grandma Mcleod, who came to America from Costa Rica with seven kids in hope to create a better future for all of them. This one is for my Grandma Jones who raised her three sons by herself. This one's for you.


My mom,

You have always been there. Literally. When I would struggle going to school every morning because I was afraid of what comments my classmates would make about me, you were there to hold me. You have pushed me to be my best self since the beginning. I still think of that time when I was in grade school and you stayed up all night helping me finish my project. When learning to write you made sure that each of my letters touched the top and bottom line. Perfectly straight, perfectly readable. Your strength pushed me to work harder everyday. Even when you were at your worst, you made sure to dedicate all your time and love to those around you. You taught me to put others before myself. To forgive. To always give it my all even when I feel like I can’t. Everyone who meets you is left in awe with your gracious heart. This one's for you.


My Grandmother Jones,

I cherish every moment I get to spend with you. Every moment I spend with you, I learn something new about life. You have seen everything in the world. It seems like every trouble I have, you have a solution for it, but that is what Grandmas are for, right? You always make sure that everyone has what they need. Thank you for teaching me how to be charismatic, passionate and humorous. Everyone says that I’m funny, and I tell them I get it from my grandma. I get my strength from you. (What can I say I come from strong women). You have given it your all with raising my dad and uncles. Thank you for taking care of me when I needed it the most. This one’s for you.


My Grandmother Mcleod,

You have been my role model since day one. Watching you interact with others in my earliest years was my favorite thing to do. Watching you cook, watching you take care of Esther, and even watching you talk with others. I have always admired your cooking. The way it warmed my soul and cured all of my emotions that I was feeling on that day. You always make sure I eat good when I am around you. When I look at you, I am reminded of where I come from. A place filled with my people who are all confident, charismatic, loving, and strong. This one's for you.


This one is for the strong women who have raised young girls to be themselves. To love themselves. To love others. We honor you.

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Elysia Williams

Cal Lutheran '22

HI! My name is Elysia but you can call me Sia for short. I am a leader of Delight Ministries at Cal Lutheran and a writer for Her Campus. In my free time, I am usually with my friends or family making memories.
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