Non Profit Pro: Victor Thasiah

Her Campus Cal Lutheran: What kind of organizations/companies/etc. are you involved with?

Victor Thasiah: Advisory board member, PICO International (a global community organizing network)

Volunteer, habitat restoration, Channel Islands Restoration

Soccer coach, AYSO, girls 8-10 years old

Mentor, Ventura County Jail (2011-2014)

HC: What made you interested in volunteering?

VT: I’ve enjoyed making new friends, especially at the Ventura County Jail. I've also realized that from the moment I was pushed out of the womb, my life has depended on gratuitous kinds of care and help. Volunteering allows me to join in those kinds of care and help happening all around me, which I believe makes the world a nice place to be.

HC: What is your favorite thing about volunteering?
VT: Making new friends. Seeing the world.
HC: How are you involved with Cal Lutheran?
VT: Professor in the religion department (teaching religion, politics, and ethics)
Faculty steering committee member of CLU’s Center for Equality and Justice
Faculty advisor for Fair Trade Club and Spikeball Club
HC: What’s your biggest goal with what you want to achieve with your non profits/volunteer work?
VT: I work with community organizers in Rwanda. I’d especially like to see democracy and development advance in Rwanda. In coaching soccer, I’d like to see young girls in Ventura become stronger physically and mentally, and confident in pursuing their dreams.
HC: What advice do you have for someone who is interested in contributing their time to volunteer work?
VT: Roll up your sleeves and get out there! There’s lots of new friends to make. There’s lots of great things we can do together.
HC: What is your favorite thing about working at Cal Lutheran?
VT: The students and my colleagues.
HC: Who is your biggest inspiration? 
VT: My wife and two daughters. They inspire me to change the world for the better where I can.
HC: What are some of your hobbies?
VT: Running, hiking, camping, hanging out with friends
HC: What is your favorite music?
VT: At the moment, The Milk Carton Kids, Gillian Welch, Joe Pug, and Flogging Molly
HC: What is your favorite quote?
VT: "Be yourself. Everyone else is taken."