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National Coming Out Day

October 11th was National Coming Out Day! It is a day meant to celebrate the lives of the LGBTQ community and provide a world that is safe for them to live openly. People celebrated it differently throughout the country but at Cal Lu, our PRIDE Club made a cute door that people were able to have a photo-shoot with. It was painted rainbow to signify the pride rainbow. And if you did take a picture with it then you were able to take a donut–and they were delicious. 

For those of you who don’t know what PRIDE club is, it stands for People Respecting Individuality Diversity and Equality. It is an organization on campus meant to be a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable at Cal Lu, especially with their peers. There is mutual respect and trust among all the members, and it is an amazing support system to have. 

If you would like to join feel free to go to meetings on Thursdays at 6:00pm in Nygreen 3.  Don’t be shy or afraid because they’ll love having you there!

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