My Travels So Far

My dad travels so much for his job that it is hard to keep track of the places he has visited. Growing up I had always wished that I went to cool places outside of the United States like my Dad. Now that I am older, I have realized that my parents did everything that they could to make sure my brother and I had a memorable childhood with the spare time my Dad had. I dedicate this article to the amazing parents out there who gave their children the world.


Las Vegas, Nevada

I was born in Las Vegas and lived there until I was seven. My family and I would go back every summer to visit our close family friends for a month. We did not have much family around us when we lived in Las Vegas as close relatives either lived in California or other parts of the U.S. Our family friends were the family away from home. We would spend Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving Day with our family friends and from what I remember it was like home had never left. When we visited our friends when I was younger we would always go during the summer. I remember going to Vacation Bible School with my friends and my mom picking us up with the AC blasting in the car. We would spend long nights at the dinner table talking about our favorite movies and I would always somehow bring up Justin Bieber in the mix. I learned how to crochet for the first time during the mass heatwave that flowed through Las Vegas one day, from then on I became addicted. Building bonds with people while we lived in Las Vegas always gave my family something to go back to and I could not thank my parents for that. 


New York, New York

Last year on the 4th of July, my family took a trip to New York to celebrate my Great Aunt’s 70th birthday. This was our first big family trip and it was also my first time on an airplane. When we arrived, the New York heat immediately hit when we left the airport. My brother and I got our first taxi experience which was definitely one to remember. Our driver refused to use his blinkers and swerved into every lane. Growing up, I always wanted to visit New York because of how tv portrayed the city. One of my favorite shows, Gossip Girl, made it seem like life in New York was exciting. But when I got there, all I felt was stress. Which subway do we take? How do we FIND the right subway? Besides that, however, I got to visit pretty cool sites. I am a huge Hamilton fan so my family let me fangirl during our trip. We visited Alexander Hamilton’s grave and his bank in Manhattan. When we finally got to go to my Great Aunt’s 70th birthday party, I got to meet so many family members for the first time and see family for the first time in over ten years. Going to New York brought my family together in so many ways and I hope to visit again soon.

                                                          My family and I in front of Brooklyn Bridge!


                                                        A picture of me in front of the 9/11 Memorial!


                                                        A picture of me in front of Alexander Hamilton's Grave!

Nashville, Tennessee

This past summer, I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee with a couple of my friends for a conference. We went to Nashville not knowing what to expect from the community there. When we arrived, we were welcomed with warm arms from the people in Nashville. Everyone was nice and cared about your story. Music was always playing in the streets of Nashville and people were always dancing in the streets. I have never been to a place where everyone was so full of life and cared about others. The conference, which was for leaders in a women’s ministry, brought us together by showing us the importance of friendship in God’s community. When we left, the four of us became closer and we were ready to bring everything Nashville taught us back to California for everyone. 

                                                          My friends and I in front of the famous Nashville artwork!


                                                          My friends and I at the Parthenon!


The places I have visited so far have been an incredible ride. Thank you to everyone who made all of these trips memorable, I can't wait for more!

All Photo Courtesy to Author