My Christmas Traditions

Tis' the Season

Christmas season is officially upon us.  The lights and decorations have started to go up and the Christmas movies are back.  Christmas is my favorite holiday; I love the decorations, gift-giving, and spending time with family and friends.  I wanted to share my favorite holiday traditions to get in the spirit for the most wonderful time of year.  

                                                                            Photo Courtesy of Pexels

Christmas Eve

My family traditions begin on Christmas Eve, it’s a day packed with some of my favorite things to do. To start, we have a super lazy morning, which is the best kind of morning.  That night, we go out to dinner at a nice restaurant and just talk, no phones allowed.  On the drive home we look at the Christmas lights in a nearby neighborhood.  This is one of my favorite traditions as I absolutely love Christmas lights.  Whenever I’m driving at night this time of year and I see the familiar glow of Christmas lights I fill up with child-like joy.  I even love watching those TV shows about families who put an outrageous amount of Christmas lights on their house as if they’re in a competition.  When we get home, we watch what I consider to be one of the best Christmas movies, Elf.  If you haven’t watched it yet, you should.  It’s a Christmas comedy for the whole family with elves, Santa Claus, and New York City at Christmas time (and Will Ferrell).  

                                                                            Photo Courtesy of Pexels

Christmas Day

When I was little, I was always so excited for Christmas that I would often wake up around 4am. Of course, no one else was awake at that time so I turned on the TV and The Nutcracker was playing.  I no longer want to wake up this early, but I still try and watch some of The Nutcracker every Christmas morning because I have these memories of sitting on the living room floor watching it and thinking that the ballerinas were so beautiful and wanting to be like them one day (fun fact: I did end up taking Ballet and Pointe classes throughout high school but it never caught on past that).  For breakfast my mom always makes an egg bake/casserole that I love and it’s the only time of year that we eat it, which makes it extra special.  And then of course the gifts, which I love because I truly enjoy getting things for people that I know they want but won’t buy for themselves.  That night we have a big family dinner with my extended family.  All day long, the Christmas tree lights are on and we just enjoy each other’s company as a family, something I love to do.  

                                                                            Photo Courtesy of Pexels

Merry Christmas!  I hope you all have fun this wonderful holiday season with family and friends.  And remember, it's never too late to start some Christmas traditions of your own that you can enjoy year after year.