The Most Magical Lipstick

Are you looking for a lipstick that lasts you all day, has pigment that’ll make you shook, and most importantly, has glitter?! Well you’re in luck, Ciate London recently launched their newest product, their Glitter Flip Lipstick. Let’s be real anything with glitter is a makeup lovers dream.

Ciate came out with seven different shades for those who can’t get enough of that perfect pink to a gorgeous teal shade for all of us who love to stand out. The names of the shades include: Candy, a beautiful light pink; Infamous, a berry shade that will go with any makeup look daring or neutral; Hollywood, a bold red perfect for a girls’ night out; Forbidden, a dark red for when you’re feeling vampy especially as we head into fall; Fortune, a dark purple that is guaranteed to make a statement; Iconic, a black that will become a galaxy on your lips; and last but certainly not least, Siren, a majestic teal that will bring out your inner mermaid.

Taking to the internet I had to see what the amazing and talented Laura Lee had to say about these unique lippies. Going by the username: larlarlee, with over 3 million subscribers you have to take her seriously.

The makeup wizard herself said, “We have a magic lip product on our hands.”

I couldn’t help myself but go get my own, I mean come on magic lipstick?! I bought the shade Infamous and people…..I was NOT disappointed. First of all, if I was to buy this product for anything other than the lipstick itself it would be for the entrancing sparkly packaging. Second of all this product stays on forever, and we’ve all heard this over and over again, the lipstick always comes off after we eat or it wears off when you’ve worn it for a while and you have to reapply. Ciate knew what they were doing, because this lippie does not budge.

Glitter Lipstick in the shade Infamous

Applying is simple, apply as you would using any other liquid lipstick, but once you apply you have to let your lips dry for one minute. It sounds weird, but it is SO worth it. After your minute is up press your lips together and voila! Glitter lips that last all night long.

Now, while Ciate is more of a high end company, I was surprised to see that this lipstick is only $19.00. Even though that sounds like a bit much; other companies like NARS sell their lip products such as their Powermatte Lip Pigment for $26.00 or Smashbox with their Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick for $24.00.

Other lippie lovers who bought Ciate’s Glitter Lipstick product also fell in love with it. Cara1a bought the shade Iconic and said, “I love this. It’s transfer proof, incredibly sparkly and is eye catching. I will definitely be buying more shades!!” Another review said, “Finally, a glitter liquid lipstick that is perfect in every way!” she said, “I love the formula and it is long wearing! I bought 3 of them and I hope they come out with even more colors.” There you have it! If you’re looking for a lipstick that stays on all day, has insane pigmentation, and of course HAS GLITTER, this is the product for you.

Before and After